Is a new religion going to come up?

/Is a new religion going to come up?
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Is a new religion going to come up?

 According to Ancient Wisdom, after mankind got endowed with the manas principle, there appeared on the planet a common religion called “Wisdom – Religion”.

It was the cradle wherefrom the torch was passed down to all posterior religions and the widespread spiritual science of the ancient and prehistoric worlds. Its mark is evident in the holy scriptures of all nations and all great esoteric teachings while its presence – even fragmentary- has always been the basis of spiritual schooling and a stimulus of virtue.

With the passing of time such sacred tradition, combining knowledge and worship, split into two directions: religion and occult knowledge. For as long as mankind was entangling itself in the veils of selfishness and cunning leaving behind its spiritual nature, mystic knowledge got separated from religion. They turned out to be two different systems of approaching the Divine, religion simply believing without inquiring and knowledge believing after thorough inner search. Through religion esoteric life came up with symbols and parables (theology) establishing ethics while occult knowledge remained hidden away from the many to pass down to us from master to disciple via initiation.

The bulk of the mystic knowledge – which no man is able to possess in its fullness – constitutes what we now call Theosophy or “divine knowledge”.

“Thus Theosophy is not a Religion, we say, but RELIGION itself, the one bond of unity, which is so universal and all-embracing that no man, as no speck – from gods and mortal down to animals, the blade of grass and atom – can be outside of its light. Therefore, any organization or body of that name must necessarily be a UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD”.

The noun “religion” comes from the Latin verb relegere, meaning to “bind” or collect together. Additionally, religion means the thread binding man with his inner Self. Religion is what supports the link between man and his divine source.

The greek word for religion (θρησκεία – thriskeia) derives from the verb “θεραπεύω – therapevo” and the noun “θράνος – thranos”, the former meaning “to serve” and “to look after” while ‘thranos” meaning “support”. In Sanskrit the same idea is given in the word “dharman” meaning “law”.

It is from the Mother – Source, WISDOM – RELIGION, that all the various “religions” have sprung. It is a fact that each one became in time colored with personal speculations and interests thus becoming separated, only to bring about sects, fanaticism and states of hostility.

Mankind has always used religions as justification for conquests ignited either by individuals or by peoples. Although citizens of one and the same state, individuals of different creeds torture themselves with enmities mostly attributed to them.

Sacred knowledge along with the age-long experience plus the dangers in sight of a new warfare under the pretext of seemingly different religions dictates the coming together of all religions back to their common “font”.

The moment has come for mankind to grasp the meaning of unity of life and of the need for co-existence. Knowledge and religion will have to regain their common source, “Wisdom – Religion”.


“Now Religion, per se, in its widest meaning is that which binds not only all MEN but also all BEINGS and all things in the entire Universe into one grand whole, H. P. B. says….

….Thus, unity of everything in the universe implies and justifies our belief in the existence of a knowledge at once scientific, philosophical and religious, showing the necessity and actuality of the connection of man and all things in the universe with each other, which knowledge, therefore, becomes essentially RELIGION, and must be called in its integrity and universality by the distinctive name of WISDOM – RELIGION”.


Each human being is a spirit- soul which, even though generating from the same Universal Source has its own spiritual identity, we would say, its own exclusive stamp. That’s why each one of us follows one’s own path determined by one’s inherent bent worked through one’s own experiences. Religion, of course, is a noble, soothing and pain-relieving way aiming mainly at man’s moralization. It brings about in him emotions and awe for a personal God, revealing a higher world where he may be recompensed and a lower world where he may be punished, thus awakening his latent conscience.

Religion is as indispensable as the air we breathe and will better still serve its purpose were it to re-join its other aspect “Wisdom” encouraging knowledge towards an unbroken conjunctive relationship among men and all species of life, a state which is called brotherhood.

Given the fundamental Theosophical axioms:

  • the formation of a nucleus of Universal Brotherhood regardless of race, creed or color and
  • the comparative study of old and new religions, philosophies and sciences

a new religion or the new religion will have to embrace all off – springs so far developed from the one religion – wisdom, respecting the individual worshipping needs of their corresponding followers.

The new religion should not impose itself on people but should rather protect them by fathoming their needs and offering such sort of knowledge as will take off the burden of separateness and fanaticism resulting from selfishness. The new religion will have to be the religion of love, solidarity, altruism and tolerance displayed in deeds not only in words. It is spiritual science and not theology that will sustain and side with it as such divine knowledge fostering respect for each and every species of life, justice and wisdom, will further develop and enlarge human consciousness.

Someday, not too soon, Wisdom –Religion will regain its predominant position and will once again reign on our planet, when humanity will have come to realizing and experiencing inner unity on earth.

To the question if we may fear the presence of a new religion, I firmly answer: I’m looking forward to it, as it is a “necessity of the times”.