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Man’s Mystic Forces

In the mystic tradition it is held that Divine Knowledge was given to the Aryan man within the large vicinity of Tibet and from there was spread primarily to the archeo-hellenic area and a little later on to the Indian Peninsula. From then on great initiators and Masters blessed with their presence Egytp, the Middle East, Turkey, Persia and Pakistan, while centrifugally from this circle Metaphysical Knowledge was diffused into certain European and Asian countries.

In the surviving scripts of the great initiators of the last thousand years we find much information on the so-called Mystic or Supernatural Forces of man. We learn from Amar Das, Rumi, Toukaram, Hafiz and Kabir that the souls on their way from the Realm of Heaven, where they were created, to Matter obtained a tool or a cover, the mind, so they can come in touch by using it, communicate and work in the two lower levels of Creation: the Astral and the Physical one.
The patron of the sanctuary of our soul is the “Higher Self”. The human soul in its subtlest phase is an aggregate of spiritual inclinations and higher affection. In its lowliest phase is an aggregate of brutal appetites, earthly desires and passions. Thus, the human soul is a link between the animal and that higher spiritual plane which prevails when it manages to impose itself upon the brutal nature. And it is on this very ring that the discerning or non-discerning attitude of man is grounded. Within this ring which is the human mind or otherwise the human soul the equilibrium of the higher and lower forces is ventured upon; it is there that the balance turns upwards or downwards and thus the white-and-black or the good-and-evil become evident.
Man has – except for his physical body – an astral one wherein participates part of his mental body. Also, apart from his physical senses he has got his astral ones, as well. The opening up of the astral senses brings man into contact with the astral forces and he can handle them exactly as he does with the physical ones to the most feasible extent. However, as the astral force and energy precede the physical one, while handling the astral forces man can display the phenomenon he desires to the physical world.
These phenomena, whenever apparent, are called miracles. Such an one is that of some people who while barefooted tread on burning coal without getting burnt; or the production of rain from scratch; or even the healing of a severely ill-person. However a lot of such phenomena are to be noticed also in other forms of life e.g. the common fly, in spite of its minute weight can fly against a severe wind, while the turtle can cut the steel anti-submarine nets.
The astral mind can work wonders once adequately trained. Nevertheless, we must know that the supernatural forces one can acquire by exercising yoga discipline or through mind control hinder our Spiritual path towards godship which is the true purpose or our human life. It is said that the Deva very frequently envy the human soul that travels on the Spiritual Path, that is why they show up smilingly to welcome the yogis who enter the higher levels, they invite them with sweet and evil words and try to bring about their fall. It is also said that even the great yogi Visvamitra was enchanted by the beauty of a celestial being, a young girl, sent by Intra to allure him. Visvamitra unintentionally fell into the trap and again slipped downwards.

Leave behind the Siddhis and destroy the seeds of slavery they will give you.
Let the Astral forces not drive away with the power and fame they offer you in the material world.
All of these achievements are ephemeral and lead nowhere.
Don’t let yourself  be tempted by the enchanting smile of the heavenly beings coming to congratulate you. They are deathly traps.

The Supernatural Forces

There are nine great forces, the riddhis. There are also eight even greater, the siddhis and eighteen lower ones. The Siddhis are the following:

  1. Animan: becoming minute, penetrating in everything even in a molecule. Thus you can notice the structure, the organs and the diseases of the human body.
  2. Maniham: becoming colossal, piercing everything in the space and noticing the function of the full-fledged order of the solar systems.
  3. Gariman: becoming as heavy as steel and in bringing any object to a halt.
  4. Lagiman: becoming very light and neutralizing the attracting force which gravity exercises on your body. This skill is especially applied in meteorism.
  5. Prapti: fulfilling all your wishes, transferring yourself  to any place of the space only by thought (not by material body).
  6. Pracamya: an invincible will that fulfills all the material wishes.
  7. Vasitva: controlling and imposing one’s will onto all creatures and forces of nature e.g. the air, the rain etc.
  8. Isitva: creating, conserving and destroying. This ability is at the disposal and use – after higher mandates – of several avatar (divine incarnations or social reformers) as confirmation of their teaching, without self-interested intention or show-offishness.

Apart from the above skills man can develop additional ones which he may have had ever since his birth at a lower or higher degee and which he can improve even more. These skills may be conveyed by a certain spiritual teacher, who already has them, to his disciples as part of his teaching and are the following:

  1. Understanding the language of the birds and the animals while they react in a friendly way.
  2. Knowing his previous lives and also knowing his death-toll.
  3. Reading other people’s deep thoughts.
  4. Knowing, by intuition, the secrets of the creation of the earth and the planets as well as of the historic events that have taken place during the millions of years of earth’s existence. Having the sixth sense or radiosense.
  5. Foretelling the future.
  6. Transferring himself (his consciousness) to any place in the world and having it projected in a body like the actors are projected on a film-screen.
  7. Healing by touch.
  8. Acquiring bodily perfection (rupa, raga etc.)

Clairvoyance, clairaudiance, telepathy and premonition are considered lower psychic forces even though they are a gate to the astral senses.

Developing one’s own astral forces may bring satisfaction to one’s ego, may provide fame and wealth but in no way can these practices help in man’s spiritual trip. All of the above mentioned forces and also some higher ones are underproducts of the spiritual growth as the disciple ascends the hierarchical ladder of yoga discipline. The spiritual man and the disciple who is interested in advancing upwards without delay does not make use of these forces because this would actually lead to delay and suspension of the spiritual progress. The Great Masters teach that godship can not be achieved with the evolution of the mind but with its transcendence and with the selfdevotion to the Lord.