Obstacles to the achievement of Love

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Obstacles to the achievement of Love

The polarity which reigns the manifested Universe is one of the Cosmic Laws and is expressed by means of two opposite forces which display life everywhere and always in two aspects: “like Shadow to throw off still brighter the Light, like Night to bring into greater relief the Day, and like cold to make one appreciate the more the comfort of heat…” (S.D. I, 412)

Although the substratum of Life is a One and Indivisible substance, it nevertheless comprises both the Good and the Evil. The paganist thinking presented the two aspects of Life as twin brothers born from the same womb, that is Nature. It names the one twin Dragon of Fire and the other one Dragon of Dark. And the latter was son of God and the most handsome of all His Archangels…who takes the name of Samael (in the Talmud), a symbolic character whose divine name symbolizes his being one of the seven Elohim.

The same symbol also appears as Satan, the Opposite, the Contrary, whose “tail drags a third of the stars in the sky and has put them on earth”…The Opposite is the symbol of “the Sons of Manvadaric Eternity“, while “the third of the stars in the sky” are the divine Monads, which as human Egos, are about to perform the whole cycle of incarnations.

This Human Ego is the projection of the divine and spiritual monad, which – sunk deep in the region of Dark, having Manas (that is Mind) as a unique connection – struggles to balance in the space of opposites, a) the problems which necessarily derive from its evil nature, which is separateness, b) to acquire experience through individual will and effort, and c) to activate a creative intelligence and – by submitting it to manifested life – thus be able to express the spiritual love which exists within the heart of its inner existence.

Individual life is a journey into the objective side of manifested creation, during which the spiritual monad – wrapped by the veils of differentiation – collects experiences from the dimensions within which it is found and remains for undetermined periods of time, by means of the receptive organs that are each time determined and conceded to it by the Law.

Human life represents a part of this perpetual journey and differs from the previous cyclic journeys of the monad as to its physical and elemental reigns of objectivity, because, within the human cycle, the Red Fire Dragon or Lucifer are found in everyone of us. This is our Nous which is also our Temptation and Saviour, because he enables self-consciousness, perception, judgement and creative ability.

Nous is the power which transforms the passive animal into human and makes him a misprint of his Creator, when his mental powers are used to serve his separateness, while turning him into a perfect reprint, when mental energies – manipulated by spiritual life – express the mystic aspect of being and transform him into a pipe of compassion and tender sacrifice for everything that lives reigned by ignorance, attachment and cyclic death.

The human monad lives its fall from the spiritual cosmos and through this fall it is tested, learns how to distinguish good from evil, becomes responsible and creative, and – by resurrecting its spiritual nature inside the matter – manages to become from a non-conscious monad a conscious and finally self-conscious one, thus climbing the whole ladder of life and achieving through its self-willing efforts ranks on the Hierarchical ladder of Consciousness, until it is turned from a passive spiritual being into an active spiritual individuality, that is into a god.

It should be mentioned that the Spirit is innately pure, has no knowledge of the evil which is found in the shadow of purity. The spiritual monad, in order to get to know the evil and whatever exists away from the spiritual field, has to fall into the Cycle of Necessity and become a conscious Being, which occurs only when it becomes human. This process of transforming our spiritual element from passive into active and from non-conscious into self-conscious, is hidden within the allegory of Lucifer or Satan, and the myth of Prometheus. They both undertook to turn the earthly into the divine Human, giving it the Law of the Spirit and thus release it from ignorance and death.

The practical aspect of this whole process named Fall which transfers the monad into a state of ignorance, separateness, attachment to satisfactions of the personal Ego and the fear of death, sets into alert an endless line of individual efforts which aim at the survival of spiritual purity of the monad and its expression towards the material world.

This process which is the mutation from the material towards the spiritual and from the non-conscious towards the self-conscious, is unfolded through successive births and deaths on earth and intermediary after-death intervals, which are supported by the law of Karma which lasts for millions of years, in order for our planetary mankind to develop and organize the principle of Kama-Manas.

Manas, the fire of Nous, is the element which brings along the perception and the consciousness, thus enabling the human monad to choose and decide, as well as be awarded or punished for its wishes. This mental power, which is a fire, renders man disobedient, rebel and disident from his spiritual nature, however, by enabling him to take self-willing action and its consequences, allows him to have direct experience in his contact with the world around him, and consequently it renders him the invigilator of the powers that constitute his being.

This fire from above, Manas, reached the formerly unconscious human shadow through the rank of the Fallen Angels and settled in it. And this occult event, so intensely criticized by the ignorants, represented the beginning of a huge sacrifice made only by “one third of the stars in the sky” and which is still in evolution.

Lucifer is considered and is indeed the Archangel of Light, Prometheus Enchained, whose love and compassion for his brothers who were prisoners of the material world took him to the bottom of objectivity, in order to help with the evolution of self-consciousness. Inside the material over-wrapping, the Shining Light was imprisonned and its spiritual qualities were dimmed and rendered inactive. Only their opposites appeared, those elements that we humans know as sins, frailties and weaknesses. However, these elements which represent the Evil, were distinguished because of the fall of the Sons of Nous inside the animal bodies and enabled – due to the consciousness they cause – the human monad to realize the consequences of the implementation of the evil and the good, and thus decide as to its aims.

The journey of the human Ego is long and full of obstacles which derive from the lower Ego, which is wrapped into evil, egotism and illusion. Far from the center of Cosmic Love, with the support of the laws of karma and reincarnation, and with the endless solidarity and help of the Beings of Compassion, human Egos take the journey of their spiritual progress, and through repeated efforts and failures, they slowly reach one goal, which is the unity of the monads woven into a unique web with the threads of Cosmic Love.

The lower Ego, which is the human personality, revolves around the keystone of separateness, and this is what removes it from every unifying action and personal sacrifice. Wrapped into its individual impressions, in its arrogance, its criticism on other people’s shortcomings, its greediness and personal dogmas, it lives within its own microcosmos, isolated and cut off from the threads which connect the mankind-team to which it belongs. Our human cosmos, remote from the cradle of spirituality, must make an effort in order to be reconnected with it and that can happen through transcending our separateness, which can done by selfless love, altruism and continuous sympathy and compassion for all those that – although outside our split self – are essentially with them.

Let us read a few verses from the Voice of Silence, this exquisite metaphysical text by H.P. Blavatsky, which refers in a poetic way to the liberating course of human soul from the bonds of the lower Ego, through the sacrifice of the personal and the lower in favour of the collective and the higher.

  • The Ego of the matter and the Ego of the spirit will never be able to meet. One of them should disappear, there is no place for both.
  • Before the mind can comprehend your soul, the sprout of your personality must have been crashed and the worm of senses disappeared without hope of resurrection.
  • Let your soul lend its ear to every cry of pain, just like the lotus strips its core in order to drink in the morning sun.
  • Do not allow the burning sun to dry not even a tear of pain, before you yourself have dried them all off crying eyes.
  • Man, with a heart full of mercy, these tears are rivers watering the fields of immortal Compassion…It is the seed which delivers from rebirth…