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Robert Crosbie (1849 -1919)

February 2011

Robert Crosbie was born in Montreal, Canada. Since his early youth, he developed an interest in religious and philosphical matters. In 1886, he met William Judge in the Boston Theosophical Society and from then on the two men were bound with close friendship and mutual trust. Robert Crosbie became a pen- student of H. P. Blavatsky’s.

After the death of W. Judge, R.Crosbie became closely connected with the Point Loma group headed by Caterina Tingley. After several years he moved to South Pasadena and started a study group of his own. In 1909 that department became the “United Lodge of Theosophists” (ULT).

That was the beginning for a series of Theosophical departments (ULT) which were distinct from the other Theosophical groups and societies in that they exclusively indulged in the study of the writings of H. P. Blavatsky’s and William Judge’s .

In 1912, R.Crosbie founded “Theosophy” magazine and went on publishing it till the time of his death in 1919. In his book “Friendly Philosopher” are included letters and lectures of his. He was the paragon of impersonality and anonymity and with his characteristic modest attitude he protected the Theosophical work from personal interventions and misrepresentations.