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The Hierarchy of Compassion

From the tribute paid in memoriam of H.P.Blavatsky

on May15, 2002.

 World traditions, religions and, particularly, initiations steadily refer to the existence of Higher Beings who intermediate between man and God. Helena P. Blavatsky, founder of the Modern Theosophical Movement, unreservedly declared that behind the Movement and herself stood the Spiritual Hierarchy whose Masters, namely Morya and Kuthumi with Maha Chohan in the lead, inspired and helped her work for the Theosophical Idea to be fulfilled on earth. One of the most interesting hints Modern Theosophy has given the world is the one concerning the hierarchy  existing in manifested life, which it presented through series of Beings and Entities of various ranks and functions, Beings and Entities that have existed from the very beginning of creation right to the edge of our physical world.

According to Ancient Wisdom, the Host of Spiritual and Intelligent Beings belonging to the supreme Hierarchy of manifestation, is the one converting Divine Thought into Laws that govern manifested life. Such Beings form ranks and orders organized hierarchically according to the active unfoldment of their divine essence. There are Hierarchies of gods, demi-gods, archangels, angels and men. The higher Hierarchies are in charge of the presence and application of the Law while others work out the making of the requirements of the Law.

In the Theosophical Teaching parlance, the Beings of the celestial world are called Dhynai-Chohans – they are the Masters of Meditation – actually, Monads that have surpassed the stage where present humanity stands. To us, Christians, they are known as Archangels. In Kabbalah, they are referred to as Elohim. In other traditions, they are called Amsaspeds, Rishis, Kumaras. Such Beings were once men who transcended the level of personality and entered the domain of spirituality thanks to  their own effort and initiative. During the present manvataric manifestation, many of them are in charge of the progress of humanity and the planet. There exist hierarchies working on the form of both man and the planet and others working for the expansion of man’s intelligence and self-consciousness. Those Beings, working in our humanity for the sake of its spiritual progress, compose the Hierarchy of Compassion or else the Hierarchy of Light.

It is to the hierachy of Compassion that the Buddhas, the Sons of God, the Mahatmas or Masters of Wisdom belong They used to be men who perfected themselves spiritually in recent or previous planetary manvantaras.

The roots of the Hierarchy of Compassion lie in the heart of our Solar Logos. They are spiritually perfected Beings who could have remained in Nirvana during all of the present manvataric cycle. Yet, the Masters preferred to remain in the manifested world to serve the Scheme of Evolution. They are the Buddhas of Compassion and  constitute what is noblest and best in the manifested world. They are Spiritual and Intelligent Entities, Buddhas and Boddisatwas – as called in Buddhist tradition – who have undertaken to train evolving human souls. That Hierarchy is also called “Hierarchy of Light” or “Spiritual Hierarchy” or “Planetary Hierarchy”. (Esoteric Tradition, p. 934 – The Hierarchy of Compassion, by G. de Purucker, p.2)

Our own Hierarchy of Compassion is a ray of the Solar Hierarchy which, in its turn, is a ray of the Cosmic one. At the top of our Planetary Hierarchy of Compassion stands the “Great Initiator” or “the Great Sacrifice”. It is the Tree wherefrom sprang all the Sages and Hierophants of mankind (Hermes, Enoch, Kapila, Orpheus, Pythagoras and so on). It is the mysterious, invisible but ever present Personage, about whom so many  legends and stories are  told in the domain of Occultism. (S.D. I, 208).

We, Occultists, know that Being to be also referred to as the Great Chohan, Maha Chohan, who is the leader of our Planetary Hierarchy. The Great Initiator is the root of our own humanity. Every human monad on our planet is – more or less – permeated with His own essence. It is the Mahat of our humanity; and every human being may communicate with Him through a cord. There is no thought, no wish he does not listen to, mankind being his own body. And as each one of us can listen to one’ s own body-rythm and, consequently, responds to its needs, in a similar way – far beyond our comprehension – Maha Guru listens to his every single cell representing a human being. The group of Masters, Initiates and the Initiated are the Monads who managed to activate large portions of His essence through the laws that govern our chain. Every human monad activating self-conscious portions of His essence becomes a functioning rimg in the superb process of evolution. Such a ring was H. P. Blavatsky.

As for those inividuals who are seeking and trying to meet Maha Guru as well as the Masters of Wisdom they will have to realize  that their essence is the same as the one “our own being” consists of. If we activate that essence of ours and also diffuse it, if possible, throughout our entity then we shall be able to see and hear them. If, on the contrary,  the traits of personality dominate, the Master can neither be seen nor heard. Even if we might think that we do so, it is going to be nothing but a fallacy (maya). The Master’s voice can only be heard when our personality becomes freed from the attachments of separateness and self-interest.

In order to foster growh and activation of man’s spiritual and moral condition, the Masters of Compassion continuously work out frames to train mankind already blurred by matter. The uncovering of the veils of Isis-Gnosis is solely conducted by the Hierarchy of Conpassion, the dear Mahatmas, who project the rays of timeless divine wisdom onto the planet through intermediary rings who are their direct collaborators.

Such a ray, like Modern Theosophy, that we are paying tribute to tonight, permeates  present humanity. It is a spiritual idea that may neither be lost nor change its essence. Spiritual ideas remain everlasting, steadfast, immutable. It is only their aspects that alter and this is so because mankind’s needs alter.

The Great Initiator stands on the threshold of Light and will be standing there till the very last day of the present manvantara, in order to remind mankind that spirituality, which the ultimate target of our chain, can only be conquered when spiritual knowledge turns into action. The spiritual idea of love, compassion, altruism and service is far above any time and place while the cycle of knowledge and human experience, unless sealed with such principles as those, can never round up. The paradigm of the “Great Sacrifice” is there to provide inspiration and to prove that compassion – the most genuine expression of love – is an act of sacrifice. I sacrifice myself for the sake of the others. He who sacrifices himself to mark the divine Law in the universe and its beings is the Master. Let His sacrifice – His “Service to the Aggregate of Life” be a paradigm, motivation and a goal for mankind.