The Unity of Life: The Message of the Theosophical Doctrine

/The Unity of Life: The Message of the Theosophical Doctrine
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The Unity of Life: The Message of the Theosophical Doctrine

The message of Unity is the last spiritual message which appeared through Theosophy, presented by H. Blavatsky about one hundred years ago. The Theosophical idea of Unity is the contemporary spiritual message and as “the message of the unity of life“, it has established brotherhood of men and respect towards every kind of life.

It already determines the behaviour of contemporary mankind, and has established new ways of perception at all levels of life. It has set the foundations for the tendency towards fraternization of nations, close co-operation among countries, economic unification and fraternity of religions. The tendency of the unifying message is to bring together the members of mankind into a universal family, where each person should recognize his inner kinship and origin, and through this knowledge be able to understand and sympathize with his more immature brothers who are still plagued by discord, bigotry, rivalry and dogmatism.

For Theosophy, the unity of the manifested world is an undeniable event, a state which pre-exists before every creation and manifestation; it is the principle and the beginning of cosmic and universal creation, the fundament of the apparent pluralism. The fundamental law of Theosophical Doctrine is that there is “an Omnipresent, Eternal, Boundless, and Immutable Principle” (S.D. I, 14) which “is the One homogeneous divine SUBSTANCE-PRINCIPLE, the one radical cause… It is the omnipresent Reality: impersonal, because it contains all and everything… It is latent in every atom in the Universe, and is the Universe itself.” (S.D. I, 273)

The knowledge and assimilation of the fundamental occult law about the unity of manifested life, enlarges human consciousness to such an extent that the person is able to become aware of the Principle and the Cause of cosmos, the way One is turned into Many; mainly, he can feel to be a part of the Whole, a golden bubble among millions of others, which altogether make up the existence of the One and Unique Principle.

The message of Unity given in our epoch is the same message given as Love by the Christian doctrine and as Dharma by the Buddhist doctrine. Indeed, spiritual messages cannot be different from each other, because they all emerge from the One and Monadic Source. They only appear as different, dressed in appropriate aspects so that they are adapted to the receptive ability of mankind and its current developmental needs.

Man, until now, was trained to love his own people, his family, his personal friends and whatever represented his personal world and made him feel safe. The contemporary spiritual message, the message of Unity, is teaching him to embrace with impersonal love larger and larger groups of life, to include himself peacefully among them, to act brotherly and in co-operation with the others; it is training him in view of offering, selflessness, sacrifying the personal for the totality of life. Altruism and compassion emerge from deep faith in the invisible link which connects all existing manifested things which, whatever different they may seem, are similar in essence.

During the following two thousand years, man will consolidate further and deeper the inner mechanisms of life and will search for the cause and explanation of more and more phenomena; he will thus be led to the understanding of the aim of human life and its initial cause. Through his existential pursuit and more occult revelations which have occurred and still are for the benefit of mankind, the individual will discover that he is a cell inside a great spiritual organism – his Creator – while mankind, as a part of it, represents its family.

Mankind is a life wave, a whole of lethargic spiritual individualities – which are drops from the One Uniqueness – and having previously passed through other different stages of consciousness, they have reached the point of human life. Every human soul, in order to move on to the next, higher stage of consciousness, should understand and assimilate the fact that separateness is only a stage of personal experience, good enough only for a period of time. Personal interests, competitiveness and everything related to that, are mere moments of experience within the cycle of delusion. The future of man is spirituality, which means unity, and its achievement is the ultimate goal of the undetermined wandering of the soul within the universe.

Unity of life is a reality which man ignores because, for the time being, he cannot grasp it. If the researcher could draw a parallel between his own individual constitution and the macrocosmic one, then he might be able to understand the unity relation concealed in all entities of life, no matter how large or small they may be.

Each man is a small universe, as he consists of millions of smaller lives which constitute not only his physical body but also his existence in all remaining dimensions. These smaller elemental lives are lethargic souls, for the time being, which will gradually develop along with the spiritual development of their individual creator, which is human soul. According to the creative archetype, at some moment these elemental atoms will be transformed into souls, which will still represent parts of the same human soul, that will then be a planetary or solar creator, and later a universal or cosmic god.

There exists an unbreakable kinship relation among the atom-souls of the created world, as they all have their origin in One Life, the Father-Mother of the spacetime. The Cosmic Mind sets into motion the Wheel of Life under Dharma, and establishes the peregrination of monads through different levels of consciousness, in such way that the less evolved life constitutes the embodiment of the most consciously evolved one. The cosmos is made up of infinite entities of life; the microcosmic exists within the macrocosmic and the smallest represents the offspring of the largest, while all these cycles within cycles are offsprings of One Creator and brothers with one another.

Mankind is an offspring of Logos in our Solar system as well as the offspring of our Planetary Logos. It is a family of similar-in-essence brothers which, under the law of free will limited by karma and re-incarnation, lives within the physical dimension of universe; it could be said that it represents a part of Planetary Existence, an intermediary between non-conscious and conscious life. It is a special kind of life which, having overpassed the limits of non-consciousness, marches towards the conquest of a next stage of evolution related to the knowledge of Cosmic Law, as well as to its application within the physical plane.

Each step of mankind towards this aim is promoted by a spiritual ideal, which is an aspect of Ancient Wisdom and appears through the messengers of Spiritual Hierarchy. The contemporary message of unity – which prescribes man’s present and future behaviour – adds up another step to the evolutionary ladder. It is a moral message given in the right epoch, under the right circumstances. It gets understood with the support of modern Theosophical doctrine, which – by revealing occult aspects related to the creation of mankind and our planet – enables the emergence of each person’s kinship relation to the remaining mankind, his Planetary Creator, Angel Hierarchies, his Solar Logos, the Zodiac and his Galaxy.

Modern Epoch which is the beginning of the New Epoch, is a pylon of another perception and awareness of things; it is a turn of mankind towards its ascending arc, that is the arc towards spirituality. Although our epoch is Kali-Yuga, that is the last and worst quarter of the Great Age or Sideareal Year, this current epoch is a prologue to the Golden Age, because it drags mankind into all evil and contradictions of materialism and eudemonism, forcing it – through pain – to understand the spiritual law.

Golden Age, the age of spirituality, of soul welfare, equity, co-existence, fair judgement, real justice, brotherhood of men, will be possible if and only mankind itself will have tried to make it possible. Mankind is entering a new way of consciouness which opens before it still misty, but at its end shines the Sun of Spiritual Glory. It could be said that it is entering a New Age, a unique moment when its course is turned towards a more ethereal world, where the until now familiar and established customs will be progressively changed into states which cannot be grasped by contemporary scientific imagination. This ascending course will not only be related to technology, but mainly to man’s consciousness which will transform him into a good user of visible and invisible powers.

Consequently, the theosophical message of unity at this particular moment of our planetary system, inaugurates a fundamental line of education. According to it, man learns to love without something in return, to work and provide selflessly; he learns to understand and forgive his fellow-men’s weakness and faults, to tolerate and sympathize with them. This happens because he begins to realize that he is a part of mankind, a brotherly member within the large human family and cannot go on alone without the others. This understanding for brotherhood of men will not be an emotional addiction which may come and go, but a state of consciousness and an act; these will both spring from the assimilation of hidden realities which, revealed, will provide human soul with the certainty of co-existence and co-essence. Altruism and duty towards our fellow-man will be the highest virtues, while compassion, tolerance for other people’s faults and weakness, solidarity and acceptance of contrary ideas, opinions and dogmas, will be the gifts which will determine the future human model.

The following are mentioned by the Master K.H.: “The term “Universal Brotherhood” is no idle phrase. Humanity in the mass has a paramount claim upon us… It is the only secure foundation for universal morality. If it be a dream, it is at least a noble one for mankind; and it is the aspiration of a true adept“.

As for Annie Besant’s opinion, it is presented as follows: “The unity of every faith that loves God and serves man, that is the message which comes to the world as the inner purpose of the Theosophical movement: to draw all faiths together, to see them all as sisters, not as rivals, to join all religions in one golden chain of divine love and human service; to reverence and serve religion wherever we find it, and to pierce through the varieties of the outer faith to the unity of the hidden life.” (Theosophy and the T.S., p.72)

Brotherhood of men, no matter how controversed at the moment, is our inner reality; this occult state will emerge progressively and will be established from within to without, because this is the ultimate aim of human life. The message of unity is the voice of consciousness; it is the song of our heart and the whisper of our soul. When we listen to it, we get rid of separateness, soften our harshness and depart from our resentment. Unity of life is what brings Avatar and the Masters of Wisdom on earth and – at one remote moment – will lead a person who has delivered himself from mankind to be re-incarnated within it, in order to help his remaining brothers.