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Theosophy, the main spring of religions

Theosophy is a general term comprising metaphysical knowledge given humankind to remind it of its spiritual origin, its rapport with the occult world and life’s purpose.

This mystic knowledge presents itself in capital religions, esoteric teachings and initiations the messages of which, permeating society, frame civilization, arts, letters, sciences, occult tradition and human ethics. In the same nucleus are also rooted the scientific achievements that pushed forward our earthly civilization.

Theosophy is the source of Truth, the accumulated wisdom of all times and is also known as Timeless Wisdom, Wisdom- Religion, Occultism, Esotericism and Metaphysics. The term “Theosophy”is interpreted as Wisdom of the Divine Beings. It is presented to humanity by the Masters of Wisdom who safeguard it.
It is the Mother of innumerable past, present and future Occult Schools and Religions. In the East, this Esoteric Truth is called Gupta- Vidya; it is considered to be the source of religions and philosphies and, when referring to it, H. P. Blavatsky says: “.” (S.D. I, xxxviii)

In the ancient times, occult wisdom was known and was revealed in schools of Initiation some of which were scattered in the Mediterranean basin while others in the vast continents far from one another in place and time. The Greek Mysteries was a School of Occultism. The Mysteries of the Persians, Egyptians, Chaldeans, Hebrews, Peruvians and those of Maya were, likewise, Occult Schools that used to reveal transcendent reality to the initiated ones. The Hinduistan Vedanta and the Tibet’s Lamaism are similar esoteric Schools. . In India the esoteric science is represented by the various Yoga schools together with an exceptionally philosophical study the quality of which competes with that of the Modern Theosophical teaching.
In the West, occult truth appears with the ancient Greek philosophers – Pythagoras, Plutarch, Plato, Plotinus, Porphyry, Iamblichus – and the Theosophists of the Mediterranean basin – Ammonius Sakkas, Clemens of Alexandria, Origen, Appolonius of Tyanea, Augustin. Then follow the Rosicrucians, forerunners of Modern Theosophists and Martinists. At the same time lesser mystic or occult Schools both in the West and the East, studying in their own way the branches of Theosophy, somehow maintain the occult tradition.
The Mother School of Ancient Wisdom is to be found in the mystic region of Shambhala; it is a place hidden in a secret location deep within the Himalayas; this place is considered by some initiates to be on the ethereal plane; it has existed since the beginning of the world and guards the most sacred spiritual teachings.
Spiritual Hierarchy is also called Solar Hierarchy and it is the highest spiritual group of the Solar System having branches and representative organisations on the other planets of the System. On our planet, the Center representing Spiritual Hierarchy is called Great Lodge – so named by the Theosophists – and it is the paragon Mother Center formulated on earth from time immemorial. It is from this Mother Lodge that have emanated, are emanating and will continue to do so all occult and mystic centers of our planet.
The Spiritual Entities of this Great Lodge were occasionally given various names such as Dhyani Chohan, Archangels, Amshaspend, Ben Eloim, Sons of Light, Masters of Wisdom and Mahatmas. And it is this Mother Lodge that the Modern Theosophical Movement has been projected from with the two Hierarchy Masters, Morya and Koothoomi, taking the lead.
Mahatmas live on through the centuries in various incarnations, guarding their knowledge and teaching it to worthy students. They form the Brotherhood of Adepts.
The purpose of the esoteric teaching is to rekindle the subconscious memories of the initiate, to awaken his latent spiritual forces and cultivate in him direct communication with his inner Self. Inner communication depends on the awakening and development of the initiate’s will and virtue. Thus, through immediate communication with inner Self, come forward the esoteric truths and written and oral texts are worked out.

Ancient Wisdom or Theosophy has also been called “Wisdom- Religion”, because religion springs from the cradle of Eternal Wisdom consequently becoming the support of earthly spirituality. “Wisdom- Religion”has been the nucleus of philosophy, justice, harmony, compassion, unselfishness and constant contemplation on our planet. From the luminous heart of Theosophy is shed its never-dying light; it casts its rays onto our world to ennoble it by leading human consciousness onto the infinite ladder of spiritual involution.
To promote man’s self-conciousness Spiritual Hierarchy presents the Entities which, assuming physical bodies, come in direct contact with humanity. These perfect Entities, either individually materialized or through agents of theirs, announce and establish a religion or metaphysical teaching. Their presence among us is continuous but obtains utmost dimensions at the cyclic points of evolution introducing religious and metaphysical movements decisive for humanity’s spiritual development. Their presence is necessary as the evolutionary work is displayed and established only through them. They are the rays of Spiritual Hierarchy or of the Great Lodge and the true Instructors of humankind. Such a messenger was Helena Petrovna Blavatsky sent by the Great Lodge to declare the Modern Theosophical Teaching, an aspect of Eternal Wisdom.
Let us read what she herself said on the “” to the Esoteric Section members, in 1888, to designate the specific moments of training- initiation taking place on our planet. “”.

Theosophy’s uppermost target is to awaken in man his spiritual latent forces. To build up peace-loving people, altruists, righteous, compassionate and self-conscious ones. People who will think of and respect the aggregate of Life, who will serve and unreluctantly contribute to the spiritual well-being of the Whole. To this Sacred End, Eternal Wisdom, through the Hierarchy of Compassion, calls forth Messengers, Initiators and Initiates and via religions, philosophies and initiations creates the proper environment for the inner truth to be expressed and become venerable and applicable.
The main spring of all religions, Theosophy, a never-ending source, incessantly provides the material for training and spiritual enlightment to its earthly offsprings; each of its aspects, old or new, seeking no exclusivity. For Transcendent Wisdom all the aspects and expressions of the Everlasting Truth are venerable as each one is an aspect- experience indispensable for the growth of human spirituality.

Theosophy is a mystic tradition heartily preserving the occult origin of man, of the planet, the angels, the gods and demons. The secret of man’s affinity with all the foregone is well-kept by it and progressively revealed only at times deemed proper, occultwise, primarily by means of initiation and secondarily of religion. However, there are no religions, no matter how differentiated they may appear to be, that do not emanate from this Thesophical nucleus. Religion is the body, the tangible part of Divinity on earth. And so long as the soul of Divinity is called Theosophy, the latter is and will always be the main spring of all religions.