Why are we protecting the genuine Theosophical Teaching?

/Why are we protecting the genuine Theosophical Teaching?
Why are we protecting the genuine Theosophical Teaching?2018-12-08T13:58:55+00:00

Why are we protecting the genuine Theosophical Teaching?

Theosophy is not a creed or dogma invented by theologians, human beings subject to errors. It deals with the Age-Old, Universal Knowledge, comprising the accumulated testimony of countless generations of initiated Seers and Prophets. [1]

 “Theosophy” is synonymous with spiritual knowledge; it is a term the prominent occultist, H.P.Blavatsky, used in order to convey to the 19th century West the idea of “the synthesis of science, philosophy and religion”.

It is also called “Wisdom-Religion”, heritage of all peoples, since “Theosophy is the substratum and basis of all world religions and philosophies, taught and practised by a few elect ever since man became a thinking being.” [2]

According to William Judge, co-founder of the Theosophical Movement, “Theosophy is the ocean of knowledge… It is not a belief or dogma formulated or invented by man, but is a knowledge of the laws which govern the physical, psychical and intellectual constituents of nature and man… It is complete in itself and sees no unsolvable mystery anywhere. It throws the word coincidence out of its vocabulary and hails the reign of law in everything and every circumstance.” [3]

“… It has existed eternally throughout the endless cycles upon cycles of the Past, so it will ever exist through the infinitudes of the Future, because Theosophy is synonymous with Everlasting truth” [4].  It turns our attention to the ethical preparation which alone can make us approach eternal verities, since “purity of deed and thought can alone raise us to an intercourse “with the Gods” and attain for us the goal we desire”. [5]

The universe, our planet and life on it emanate from the One Principle, the one initial Breath whose flow and Energy in Space formed its Thought,  laws, planes, hierarchies of forces  and all nature, visible and invisible alike. Nature and man, who is part of it, are miniatures of the invisible esoteric planes, powers and principles (laws), that are temporarily latent, waiting to be aroused by the engulfed-in-matter  pilgrim, i.e. man himself.  The pilgrim is the human ego entrenched in the differentiations of substance-matter which he necessarily traverses from the spiritual to the physical plane and vice versa, up until, urged by individual choice, by the laws of karma and reincarnation and through personal experience, he can awaken his own dormant  physical, psychic, higher mental and spiritual potentialities. During his voyage in universe and even though the reasons for his present existence on earth are unknown and unintelligible to the Pilgrim, the spiritual Masters compassionately stand by him, conveying to him universal esoteric knowledge and wisdom.

One of the fundamental postulates of ancient wisdom concerns the existence of a hierarchy of divine Powers whose rank on the scale of Evolution is evaluated on the basis of their spiritual and divine properties. They are called Elder Brothers, Masters of Wisdom, Mahatmas, Budhas and Saviors. They are the Beings who attained and preserved divine knowledge for the sake of mankind, a knowledge they conquered throughout the centuries through observation and experience. It is They who possess the knowledge of the powers of their own nature but also the knowledge of the laws of universal life.

It is They who hold, for man’s sake,  the cord of evolution passing on to him Knowledge, respect and worship towards the Divine, teaching and training him through the arts, letters, sciences, religions and initiations.

The Elder Brothers are ex-human beings of previous manvantaras,  who, abiding by and faithfully carrying out the Laws, acquired divine qualities  and entered life’s  spiritual plane. That group of Spiritual Masters holds the thread of Divine Wisdom, Theosophy, and presents aspects of its, in the form of initiations, religions, philosophies and esoteric teachings all over the planet depending on where and when they are needed and can be absorbed.  The thread of esoteric philosophy, science and teaching keeps alive the voice of conscience, worshipping of the Supreme, the need and yearning for a higher life reminding us that ethics is the only unfailing path to life’ s spiritual target.

Theosophy is “the accumulated Wisdom of all Ages..”. H.P Blavatsky wrote that “its cosmogony …is no fancy of one or several isolated individuals, but the uninterrupted record covering thousands of generations of Seers whose respective experiences were made to test and to verify the traditions …the teachings of higher and exalted beings, who watched over the childhood of Humanity.  And that for long ages, the “Wise Men” of the Fifth Race, of the stock saved and rescued from the last cataclysm and shifting of continents, had passed their lives in learning, not teaching. … No vision of one adept was accepted till it was checked and confirmed by the visions – so obtained as to stand as independent evidence – of other adepts and by centuries of experiences.” [.6]

Masters and Seers

Concerning the MASTERS, these Knowers of Universal Wisdom, H.P.B. wrote:

“Their spiritual visions, real explorations by, and through, physical and spiritual senses untrammeled by blind flesh, were systematically checked and compared one with the other, and their nature sifted.  All that was not corroborated by unanimous and collective experience was rejected, while that only was recorded as established truth which, in various ages, under different climes, and throughout an untold series of incessant observations, was found to agree and receive constantly further corroboration.”  [ 7]

A seer is the individual who exerts control over his senses, the desires and thoughts of his lower nature, i.e. of personality; the one who, through constant self-observation and meditation, manages to attain individuality (atma-buddhi-higher manas) and attunes himself with the Higher Self.

It is only they who are able to draw, as it were, akasic wisdom from the fount of wisdom; pure wisdom, flawless from all dross of the lower egoic human nature.

In her article “What is Truth”, H.P.B. says the following:

“In every age there have been Sages who had mastered the absolute and yet could teach but relative truths. For none yet, born of mortal woman in our race, has, or could have given out, the whole and the final truth to another man, for every one of us has to find that (to him) final knowledge in himself. As no two minds can be absolutely alike, each has to receive the supreme illumination through itself, according to its capacity, and from no human light. The greatest adept living can reveal of the Universal Truth only so much as the mind he is impressing it upon can assimilate, and no more. Tot homines, quot sententiae — is an immortal truism. The sun is one, but its beams are numberless; and the effects produced are beneficent or maleficent, according to the nature and constitution of the objects they shine upon.

“Polarity is universal, but the polariser lies in our own consciousness. In proportion as our consciousness is elevated towards absolute truth, so do we men assimilate it more or less absolutely. But man’s consciousness again, is only the sunflower of the earth. Longing for the warm ray, the plant can only turn to the sun, and move round and round in following the course of the unreachable luminary: its roots keep it fast to the soil, and half its life is passed in the shadow. . . .

“Still each of us can relatively reach the Sun of Truth even on this earth, and assimilate its warmest and most direct rays, however differentiated they may become after their long journey through the physical particles in space. To achieve this, there are two methods. On the physical plane we may use our mental polariscope; and, analyzing the properties of each ray, choose the purest. On the plane of spirituality, to reach the Sun of Truth we must work in dead earnest for the development of our higher nature. We know that by paralyzing gradually within ourselves the appetites of the lower personality, and thereby deadening the voice of the purely physiological mind — that mind which depends upon, and is inseparable from, its medium or vehicle, the organic brain — the animal man in us may make room for the spiritual; and once aroused from its latent state, the highest spiritual senses and perceptions grow in us in proportion, and develop pari passu with the “divine man.” This is what the great adepts, the Yogis in the East and the Mystics in the West, have always done and are still doing.

“ Selfishness, the first-born of Ignorance, is the impassable wall between the personal Self and Truth. It is the prolific mother of all human vices, Lie being born out of the necessity for dissembling, and Hypocrisy out of the desire to mask Lie. It is the fungus growing and strengthening with age in every human heart in which it has devoured all better feelings. Selfishness kills every noble impulse in our natures, and is the one deity, fearing no faithlessness or desertion from its votaries. Hence, we see it reign supreme in the world…..[ 7]

It is our duty to preserve and disseminate a spiritual teaching that summarizes all the teachings, previously given at times, by significant Men whose testimony and ideas coincide with those of the earlier great spiritual instructors of our planet. Ours is, also, the duty to keep the link with Eternal Wisdom firm and unbroken, by searching, studying and spreading the esoteric doctrine, exactly as it sprang from its spiritual fount and was recorded by the founder of the Theosophical Movement, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.

H.P.B.  does not profess to be “an authority”; she declares she is “the messenger” of the Great and Ancient Lodge of the Adepts or Masters of Wisdom; and that she is presenting the teachings of the Elder Brothers of humanity like “a nosegay of culled flowers bringing nothing of her own but the string that ties them”.

The founder affirms that the work she handed down to us is an expression of the core of Ancient Wisdom kept by the Hierarchy of the Mahatmas, i.e. the Spiritual Beings who supervise human evolution, having themselves attained spiritual self-consciousness. She assures that the modern Theosophical work is the line given by the Masters of Wisdom Morya and Koothoomi, while she undertook to present it in her own way having obtained the Masters’ permission.

The Theosophical Movement

The Theosophical Movement appeared in the 19th century West by the name of “Theosophy” and is the modern expression of the Ageless Theosophy or Wisdom-Religion. It disclosed to the general public occult laws – karma, reincarnation, after-death life, man’ s inner constitution, the astral plane, psychic phenomena and their interpretation – and facts concerning the occult evolution of mankind and the planet. Disclosing the till then hidden occult data on man and his evolution was a blow to scientific materialism, religious intolerance, prejudice and superstition.

The Movement presented to the West “all that can be given out during this century” from among the ancient and eternal truths. By the end of the 19th century, a bridge between the East and the West was built, thanks to which the occult teaching of the East was diffused to Europe and America. The Theosophical Movement introduced universal initiation which opened up mankind’s perception on the life beyond.  Man got to learn about yet unknown worlds and laws, that knowledge allowing him to be able in taking his own decisions and choosing his own actions. It also offered him a code of ethics based on the unity of life; a code that governs the very behavior of the theosophist himself.

Keep the link unbroken

The subtitle to the “Secret Doctrine”, i.e. “the synthesis of Science, religion and Philosophy” demonstrates that H.P. Blavatsky specified Theosophy as a distinct corpus of teaching.  The distinction between the genuine spiritual teaching and personal speculation and theory is evident and indicative.

The former has to do with the direct and unchangeable flux of mystic wisdom while the latter concerns the modified expression of inner reality as adjusted to each person’s attitude and background.

Given that the spiritual teaching is diffused in order to awaken our higher nature outlining the course of its development, it is easy to see how dangerous and time-consuming our souls’ journey might become, were we to follow the intricate paths of personal opinions.

Mystic teachings are occasionally presented to mankind so as to revive earlier expressions of the one age-old teaching that fades with the passing of time, with personal intervention and misuse on the part of its followers. If, on top of these causes, we add the fact that the great universal teachings were not given in writing by their prophets, and if we, also, consider the distortion they have been subjected to both by time and in the hands of posterity, then we shall come to properly appreciate the great caliber of the modern Theosophical teaching given to us in writing and preserved in its authentic form.

The major problem of safeguarding the genuine mystic knowledge seems to have deeply preoccupied H. P. Blavatsky, mainly during her last days on earth.

Two days prior to her death, which occurred on May 8th, 1891, although severely ill, the great Theosophist gave a last message to her close friend and pupil, Isabella Cooper-Oakley who stood by her bedside.

Isabella”, she cried out, “keep the link unbroken! Do not let my last incarnation become a failure.”

H.P. B’s words betray Upasika’s  [8] intense agony as to whether her successors would keep and preserve her work, in fact, the mystic teaching as given by the Mahatmas.

The problem with Great Ideas and Teachings has always been that they are only kept intact and genuine as long as there are those who can appreciate, respect and diffuse them exactly as they were pronounced. When views of a personal character gradually distort the original truth, the Teachings’ wisdom wanes and finally it is only their dead letter and dogma that remain to represent it.

Robert Crosbie and ULT

A few years following H.P.Blavatsky’s death, the founder of the United Lodge of Theosophists, Robert Crosbie, seeing the teaching mishandled due to antagonistic aspirations from among members of the Theosophical Society, thought it appropriate for the Theosophists to focus on the authentic teaching, as given by the Masters of the Movement. That’s  how  the United Lodge of Theosophists came into being –  actually representing a more recent expression of the Theosophical Movement and aiming at the study of the original texts that had  been written by its founders, H.P.Blavatsky and W. Q. Judge. We could just as well say that move saved the teaching and the goal of the Theosophical Movement.

It is our duty to preserve and widespread a spiritual teaching that summarizes all previous teachings occasionally given by Great Men; a teaching whose testimony and concepts concur with those of the earlier great spiritual teachings on earth.

Therefore, let’s keep our link with Ageless Wisdom uninterrupted and unbroken by investigating, studying and disseminating the spiritual knowledge intact, without blending personal views.

Robert Crosbie says that many nonsensically self-named Theosophists gave wrong information and impression of what Theosophy is. That is why, true Theosophists ought to do their best to correct past mistakes and help philosophy regain its lofty status.

What we ought to do is to try and increase the number of those who will fight for the true teaching rather than help the enemy by retreating, which would only be an act of cowardice and betrayal.


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